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    Shanghai Hongchuang Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is a joint-stock enterprises, business scope of food additives, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, petrochemical and so on. The main products are: hydrochloric acid 31%, sulfuric acid 98%, liquid caustic soda .32% .48%), nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide, antioxidants, thiourea dioxide, stannous chloride, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, dichloromethane, methanol, And other chemical raw materials; food additives are food-grade liquid alkali, food grade hydrochloric acid, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, different dimension C, Asbella sweet, .... company through continuous varieties of development and market development, has been rapid development Shanghai to become one of the largest chemical raw materials sales company.
    The company operated by the chemical products are widely used in a number of electronics, electroplating, food processing, metallurgy, chemical and other enterprises. "Good service, preferential prices" for the purpose, adhere to the "quality win, the price to win, service to win" for the marketing strategy, the establishment of world-class chemical enterprises. At the same time, through the promotion and application of high quality environmental protection, enterprises to achieve the "embrace nature, care home" of the social mission. For the production enterprises to reduce costs, protect the environment and improve the efficiency of chemical production, the company has its own liquid chemical storage facilities and provide a complete supporting logistics service system, equipped with a number of carbon steel and stainless steel tanker for the production enterprises to provide quality and efficient logistics Services, enterprises can optimize the allocation of resources, reduce product costs, increase the competitiveness of enterprises.
    Shanghai Hongchuang Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the international market to provide the latest and most environmentally friendly chemical products, always concerned about and grasp the development of today's chemical industry, spare no effort to meet customer needs, and strive to become the preferred supplier trust customers The Companies adhere to the "first-class quality to create value for customers," the quality policy, is committed to providing customers with their satisfaction or beyond their expectations of products and services, 竭力 with customers to achieve its target value. Good reputation and brand is the intangible assets of enterprises, the company established the ISO9001 quality standard system, in good faith Founding, good governance of the entrepreneurial spirit, Kenteng Chemical, determined to become the world's chemical industry pride! Each of our efforts is to make us the most trusted supplier of chemical raw materials, your most trusted global partner!
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