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    1, 3D printer is working?
    Principle of his work is on the digital model file based, according to the different materials to fame and layer printing to print, we this device first STL file in the corollary equipment of the slicing software were converted into gcode file format code, then to the PLA or ABS as raw material, the fused deposition to print.
    2, how to get the file model
    (1) of their own design, 3 dimensional mapping software can be used, now use such as: 3Dmax, 3DP, PROE, CAD and so on can only eventually converted into STL format;
    (2) website, the most used is "I love 3D"
    3 what is the source?
    Open source is a unique technology to share, refers to a company or agency released its core technology information products complete, two times the development of improved technology on the basis of this allowed the other team. (the spirit of open source is not the spirit of copycat)
    What is the difference between the 4 double nozzle and single nozzle?
    Now the double nozzle is just a gimmick! No real effect, because now the market is not a nozzle can complete control of printing completely stop switch because the plastic printing supplies, can not be fully realized immediately stop discharging, to stop the print in a nozzle, there will be residual material to spit out; and double printing, two heads of residual material will are blooming! Is not a head print good-looking, Jingdong Mall has a price of 4 million yuan machine has the problem; you may at many sites to see that double color or multicolor model are mostly splicing or late color; I participated in the exhibition of Shenzhen 3D printers and Guangzhou 3D printer! Don't see a double machine demonstrating print color model; it is to tell the truth! Just do not want to not be introduced to the double nozzle misleading.
    5, the first use of matters needing attention?
    1) check whether the screws are loose, of course, we are in the factory inspection, but because of the transport may be a problem, check the best.
    2) regulating platform,
    3) check the material port, because we have been debugging, to prevent the extrusion of the mouth of the residual material, affect the printing effect, we still need to check.
    6, in other places have seen, almost, what are the advantages of your products?
    1) is a highlight of our appearance, we use metal such as 603s integration, steady structure;
    2) our basic parts are imported, quality materials, service life is long, the precision is high;
    3) our service, 15 days no reason to return goods, 1 years free warranty, within five years of free maintenance, life-long free consultation service.
    7 you can use the machine?
    Any equipment in the use of the process there will be some wear and tear, it is inevitable, we this machine spare parts are mostly by foreign imports and domestic well-known brands, to our own their own equipment used for more than a year, now can be used normally, no replacement parts. And we are able to provide a good after-sales service, 15 days no reason to return the goods, within one year warranty, within five years of free maintenance, life-long free consultation service.
    8, Aurora Volvo and similar products comparison
    We used is open source, with domestic products are basically consistent, but the scale of our company, including R & D and production are ranked ahead. We are the professional manufacturer, the production process and quality inspection process are Cengcengbaguan, the main parts of the machine are imported or domestic well-known brand. Our customer service allows you to use no menace from the rear.
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