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    The goal and style of roller bearing smoothness

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     For roller bearings, lubrication is an important issue to control their hardworking needs. Whether it is suitable for grease or lubricating body technology will greatly affect the service life of the bearing.
    The creamy effect is as follows:
    One, a small piece of slippery bearing, reduce debate and wear.
    2. Take away the heat of fire outside the roller bearing due to problems or other reasons.
    Third, the turning surface of the bearing often forms a suitable oil film, which prolongs the fatigue life of the bearing.
    Fourth, the roller bearing is rust-proof and dust-proof.
    The lubricating body type of the roller bearing needs to be divided into grease lubrication and oil slip. The abnormal characteristics are as follows:
    Engineering grease.
    The disassembly of the seal is simple and complex, requiring attention to maintenance.
    Good slippery performance is very good.
    Low speed-medium speed can also be used for high speed.
    The change of grease is poor and simple.
    The lubricant has a short life and a long life.
    The cooling is finally not good (need to recycle)
    It is difficult to filter impurities.
    Grease lubrication
    Greasy grease can be filled with grease for a long time without replenishment, and the structure of its sealing assembly is relatively simple, so it is widely used.
    Fat lubrication has the name of the sealed body that fills the grease in the sealed bearing in advance, and the shell is filled with appropriate grease, which is filled or changed every once in a while.
    In addition, for many machinery that requires greasy bearings, pipes are also used to connect to greasy places, and two fat body technologies will be provided.
    1) Filling amount of smooth grease.
    The amount of grease filled in the shell varies with the structure and volume of the shell, and it is appropriate to fill up to 1/3-1/2 of the volume on a daily basis.
    When the filling amount is too large, the smooth grease will undergo metamorphosis, aging and softening due to stirring and fever, so it should be favored.
    However, when used in low-speed bearings, in order to prevent foreign matter from intruding, it is inadvertently filled to 2/3-1 of the volume.
    2) Filling and reforming of smooth grease.
    The filling and change of grease is closely related to the grease style. No matter what kind of asana name is used, clean grease must be used to prevent the intrusion of foreign objects.
    The filled grease should be grease of a uniform brand.
    When replenishing grease, it is particularly important to ensure that the new grease accurately enters the outside of the roller bearing.
    Oily smooth
    Oil lubrication is suitable for high-speed roller bearings, which can withstand a certain degree of low temperature, and is also effective in reducing vibration and falling music. It is mostly used in greasy and unsuitable places.

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