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    What are the combination forms of combined bearing?

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     Several combined forms of combined bearing
    One. Composite bearing without inner ring needle and thrust ball 2. Compound bearing of needle roller thrust ball without inner ring and outer cover
    Three. Combined thrust ball bearing with inner ring needle and cover
    Four. Combined bearing of needle roller and angular contact ball
    5. Needle roller and three point contact ball bearing
    6。 Needle thrust cylindrical roller composite bearing without inner ring
    7. Needle roller bearing without inner ring and cylindrical roller bearing with outer cover
    8. Composite bearing with inner ring needle and thrust cylindrical roller
    9. Composite thrust cylindrical roller bearing with inner ring needle and cover
    10. Needle roller and double thrust cylindrical roller combined bearing
    11. Needle with flange and double thrust cylindrical roller combination bearing
    After the combined bearing starts to work, it will heat up, and after a period of time, it will be in normal state at a lower temperature (usually 10-40 degrees higher than the room temperature). At the normal time, according to the size, shape, rotation speed and lubrication mode of IKO bearing, the change of heat dissipation conditions around the imported bearing is different. At this point, it will take about 20 minutes to a few hours. When the bearing temperature does not reach the normal state and abnormal temperature rise occurs, the following reasons can be considered. In addition, shut down the machine as soon as possible and take necessary measures. Temperature is very important to maintain the normal service life of imported bearings and prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil. It is recommended to control the temperature under non high temperature conditions (generally below 100 ℃). The main cause of abnormal temperature rise is too much or too little lubricating oil. IKO bearing is not installed correctly. The internal clearance of the combined bearing is too small or the load is too large. Excessive friction of sealing device. Lubricant mismatch. Creep of mating surface. Secondly, check the condition of bearing raceway surface, rolling surface and joint surface, and check the wear condition of spacer frame for damage and abnormality. In particular, check the running track of the runway surface. To judge whether the bearing can be used again, it is necessary to consider the damage degree, mechanical function, priority, premise of use, search and inspection period of the combined bearing. When the combined bearing can be replaced, it is necessary to carefully check the new bearing, check the shaft diameter, check the bore of the bearing seat and the rotor. When disassembling the bearing, strictly implement the maintenance process, pay attention to the operation, and avoid the failure of disassembly When the bearing is damaged, oil shall be added and changed in time. In order to ensure that the working condition of the bearing is always in good condition, the combined bearing shall be checked carefully and the hidden trouble shall be eliminated in time.

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